Supplying approved conferencing services to the New Zealand government and its agencies

What is TaaS and why is it beneficial?

Telecommunications-as-a-Service (TaaS) offers a range of telecommunications and managed security services to eligible agencies. It enables agencies to buy exactly the type and amount of services they require from a range of providers to help them meet their evolving needs and easily connect with their customers and each other.

Using the TaaS system means agencies can:

  • access services with no minimum terms or volumes
  • avoid the need to go out to market with a Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • uptake services that can evolve to meet their ongoing needs
  • price book pricing
  • volume discounts
  • take advantage of the latest innovative technology as it becomes available under TaaS without the capital expenditure on infrastructure
  • take on TaaS services as required, regardless of current suppliers

Our conferencing services

As a member of the TaaS panel, CCI provides a complete range of conferencing services specifically designed for New Zealand government agencies.


Audio conferencing

Our state-of-the-art, high-definition audio conferencing enables self-managed, on-demand audio conferences 24/7/365. Audio conferencing saves time and money, allows teams in different locations to connect and streamlines the way people work together.

Professional managed services

Our expert team of conferencing specialists can help you plan, run and deliver a seamless conference with everyone in attendance on time, every time. Large-scale event calls are a breeze when our experts manage your conference call. Facilitated Q&A sessions form part of the service if required.

Web conferencing

Deliver presentations, share screens, documents and desktop applications and meet face-to-face via webcams. CCI's web conferencing platform can be accessed via your web browser, is easy to use and offers pay-as-you-go pricing. Save time and money by meeting face-to-face online to enhance collaboration.

24/7 support

We offer complimentary phone and online support during business hours when you need it most, as well as affordable support after hours. When you contact us, you'll always talk to a real person.

Our phone and online support services ensure a rapid response. There's no waiting, whatever your time zone.

Seamless service onboarding

CCI provides a thorough onboarding process which includes seamless transition from your existing provider or fast and easy setup if you're using conferencing for the first time.

Complimentary training on how to use our products and services is available online or over the phone. If onsite training at your preferred location is required, contact us for further information.

Complimentary consultation 

We offer a complimentary assessment of your conferencing requirements. Following your assessment, we will create a tailored service solution based on your specific needs.



For more information on our products and services, call us on 0800 359 800 or submit an enquiry.


Why choose CCI?


Low call rates for government agencies

Low call rates for government agencies

CCI offers tailored solutions, competitive pay-as-you-go conferencing rates and impeccable customer service. The conferencing service is accessible via dedicated New Zealand dial-in, national toll free or international dial-in numbers. Our government-approved rates and service level agreement are locked in.

 Enhanced call security

Enhanced call security

CCI's voice encryption technology helps prevent unauthorised monitoring of your conference calls. For government agencies, the additional level of protection provided by this type of technology ensures call confidentiality, security and most importantly, peace of mind.

Backed by APAC industry leader

Backed by APAC industry leader

CCI is a subsidiary of MNF Group Limited (ASX:MNF), one of Asia-Pacific’s fastest growing technology companies. Listed on the ASX since 2006, it is now capitalised at around $450M, and twice winner of the Forbes Asia-Pacific “Best under a Billion” award.  MNF develops and operates a global communications network and software suite enabling some of the world’s leading innovators to deliver new-generation communications solutions. The Group’s smart IP voice network delivers a diversified portfolio of voice products to over 250 global providers and 100,000 retail customers across multiple brands. This includes CCI and the New Zealand-based TNZI and Symbio Networks (Symbio Wholesale NZ Ltd).

State-of-the-art infrastructure

State-of-the-art infrastructure

Our conferencing service is supplied through two fully-redundant conferencing bridges, ensuring exceptional audio quality. The bridges are located in geographically-diverse locations to provide both full hardware and network redundancy, minimising transmission delays between callers. Control of our bridges helps enable routine maintenance to be performed without disruption, delivering seamless conferencing to our customers.

HD Voice Conferencing

High-definition (HD) voice conferencing

CCI is one of the only conferencing companies worldwide to offer HD voice conferencing. If your phone system supports this, you will automatically gain access to the clearest audio conferencing you’ve ever heard through the latest in conferencing bridge technology.

Trusted by customers worldwide

Trusted by 10,000+ customers worldwide

With over 15 years of experience, we are trusted by a variety of industries all over the world (including publicly-listed, private and not-for-profit companies) to provide secure, high-quality, on-demand conferencing 24/7.

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