Supplying approved conferencing services to the New Zealand government and its agencies

What is TaaS and why is it beneficial?

Telecommunications-as-a-Service (TaaS) offers a range of telecommunications and managed security services to eligible agencies. It enables agencies to buy exactly the type and amount of services they require from a range of providers to help them meet their evolving needs and easily connect with their customers and each other.

Using the TaaS system means agencies can:

  • access services with no minimum terms or volumes
  • avoid the need to go out to market with a Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • uptake services that can evolve to meet their ongoing needs
  • price book pricing
  • volume discounts
  • take advantage of the latest innovative technology as it becomes available under TaaS without the capital expenditure on infrastructure
  • take on TaaS services as required, regardless of current suppliers

Our conferencing services

As a member of the TaaS panel, CCI provides a complete range of conferencing services specifically designed for New Zealand government agencies.


Audio conferencing
Audio conferencing

Our conference bridge enables over a thousand people to join self-managed, on-demand audio conferences. Audio conferencing couldn't be easier with our high-quality service.

Professional managed services
Professional managed services

We provide complete end-to-end professional managed service solutions from connecting a small number of people into your conference to managing large-scale event calls with 1000+ participants.

Web conferencing
Web conferencing

We help agencies communicate and collaborate through our easy-to-use web conferencing platform. Host webinars, interactive conferences and face-to-face meetings via live video feed.

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