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Audio Conferencing

What is audio conferencing?

An audio conference is a telephone meeting between two or more participants in various locations. Audio conferencing connects people through a conferencing bridge, which allows everyone to speak to each other over dedicated phone lines.

An audio conference can be conducted via mobile phones or landlines. You can connect your team quickly with a straightforward audio conference, whether the guests are located in New Zealand or across the world.

Audio conferencing saves time and money, allows teams to connect in different locations and streamlines the way people work together.

Read more about our audio conferencing service.

Guide: how to host an audio conference with CCI

Read our guide on how to host an audio conference with CCI


Download dial-in numbers

Dial-in numbers are phone numbers used to dial in to conference. CCI provides toll free dial-in numbers for over 40 countries, as well as local numbers for cities across New Zealand.

Download dial-in numbers here.


Download keypad shortcuts

You can enter shortcuts using your phone keypad during your call to gain greater control over your conference. Our shortcuts include:

  • in-conference operator assistance
  • start host-initiated recording
  • lock/unlock conference
  • host-only roll call
  • terminate conference
  • in-conference participant count
  • host-only participant count
  • mute all guests
  • unmute all guests
  • individual guest mute/unmute

View full list of keypad shortcuts


Activate conferencing features

Features enhance your audio conferencing experience by allowing you to tailor your meetings to your specific needs. Our features include:

  • Additional Conference Groups
  • Participant Name Record and Announce (on entry and/or exit)
  • Guest Entry on Mute
  • Conference Quickstart
  • Personal Identification Numbers
  • Project Codes
  • Automatic Disconnect

CCI account holders can choose any or all of our conferencing features at no  extra cost.

Troubleshooting guide

Request support

Our operators provide in-conference assistance during business hours (8am-6pm Mon-Fri). All you need to do is press *0*0. For any other conferencing support, please call 0800 425 490.

I, or my participants, can't dial into conference

Depending on where you are located, and whether you are calling from a landline or a mobile phone, some phone carriers may bar international toll free calls, which will prevent you from dialling into conference.

If you are unable to get into conference, you can dial our global international access number on +64 4 8894 151.

My access codes aren't working

If you are unable to access your conference using your access codes, please try to enter your access code slowly (1 digit per second). Depending on the phone you are using, it may not register the tones correctly if you enter it quickly.

If someone other than CCI, such as your conference host provided your access code, please contact them to ensure the codes are correct.

If you are still unable to get into conference with your access codes, please call our support team on 0800 425 490.

Access conference recordings

You can manually record each conference or you can set up your account to automatically record all your conferences. Recordings cost a small fee and are kept on our secure server for 28 days so you can download them to distribute as necessary.

Please log into our portal with your username and password to download your  recordings.

Web Conferencing

What is web conferencing?

web conference is an online meeting between two or more participants in different locations using online conferencing technology. This enables them to share screens, work on documents together in real time and meet face-to-face via live video feed.

Read more about our web conferencing service.

Our web conferencing service

CCI's new web conferencing platform will allow you to meet face to face, share screens and collaborate seamlessly via your web browser.

Using the latest technology to offer high-definition visual communication, our newly developed platform will offer a range of cutting-edge features to enhance your conferencing experience.

The new platform is expected to launch in June 2018.

Professional Managed Services

What are professional managed services?

Professional managed services will save you time and alleviate the stress associated with planning and hosting complex audio conferences and large-scale event calls. A dedicated conferencing operator can;

  • dial out to your guests individually and connect them into conference.
  • answer your guests with a customised greeting and connect them into conference.
  • facilitate a Q&A session leaving you free to focus on your meeting agenda.

Read more about our professional managed services.

Book a professional managed service

Our expert team of conferencing specialists can help you plan, run and deliver a seamless conference with everyone in attendance on time, every time. Large-scale event calls are a breeze when our experts manage your conference call. Facilitated Q&A sessions form part of the service if required.

Read more about our professional managed services.

You can also call us on 0800 425 490 for more information or to book a managed service.

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