Our premium, point-to-point video conferencing service provides exceptional HD audio and video quality for everyday meetings or special events. 

Whether you need to connect multiple sites using H.323 protocols, Web RTC or a hybrid (live+virtual) special event, our solution can meet all needs. For added peace of mind, our expert operators can even manage your video conference for you. 

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Video conferencing equipment



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HD audio and video

Experience high-quality sound and visuals on your HD capable device.


Mobile functionality

Utilise visual and audio sharing on the move via your tablet or smartphone device. 


Professional managed

Our expert operators can provide a tailored managed video conference for added peace of mind.



Tailored solution

Video conferencing with CCI is a premium service that involves complimentary consultation to ensure your video conferencing solution meets your specific business needs. Whether you need to set up your system for regular board meetings or for once off special events, our expert conferencing consultants will develop a solution for any video conferencing requirement. 



Encryption capabilities

Our video conferencing service is extremely safe and secure and can be utilised for confidential meetings with the assurance that our encryption capabilities will keep your conversations private. The level of encryption provided can be customised to suit different levels of confidentiality for all meeting types. 



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