CCI's web and video conferencing solutions enable businesses to meet face-to-face and collaborate seamlessly by easily connecting with each other and with customers. 

Choose to conference quickly and easily with our web conferencing platform Infoshare, or use point-to-point HD video conferencing for important meetings and events where the highest quality audio and video are non-negotiable.

Enquire about web and video conferencing or call +61 3 9070 6000.






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Save time and money

Reduce travel time and associated expenses, streamline decision making and increase productivity.

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On-demand support

24/7 on-demand, real-person phone support accessible 24/7 every day of the year.

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24/7 collaboration

Connect and collaborate with colleagues, customers and other agencies, in any location, at any time.




Web conferencing platform capabilities

Share screens, collaborate and present confidently with Infoshare, our easy-to-use web conferencing platform.

Use screen sharing to work on documents and share presentations with multiple participants at the same time.

Meet face to face with multiple participants through a live video feed via your webcam.

Collaborate effectively with a range of features that will enhance your web conferencing experience.

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Point-to-point HD video conferencing

Our video conferencing service connects you quickly, seamlessly and securely, whenever you need to connect multiple sites using H.323 protocols or WebRTC. Our expert team can configure your existing video conferencing end points/hardware to our industry leading video conferencing bridge and facilitate professional-managed video conferencing for important meetings and events.

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"Any technology that improves interaction, cuts down on travel time and allows face-to-face meetings is the best tool for busy businesses."

Judy Partridge, Master Builders Association