Getting Started

How do I get started with audio conferencing?

CCI offers a self-managed audio conferencing service without the need to book. Audio conferencing allows you to schedule a call with your team, clients or other agencies across multiple locations at any time. You simply;

  • schedule the meeting and invite your guests.
  • call into the conference using the dial-in number relevant to your location.
  • join the meeting by entering your host or guest access code. 



How do I get started with professional-managed conferencing?
If you would like to organise a professional-managed service, please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Do you provide service onboarding from my previous provider?
Yes! CCI provides a thorough onboarding process which includes seamless transition from your existing provider or fast and easy setup if you're using conferencing for the first time.
I'm new to conferencing. Can you provide me with training?

Absolutely. Complimentary one-on-one or group training on how to use our products and services is available over the phone. If onsite training at your preferred location is required, please contact us for further information.

Audio Conferencing

What is an audio conference?

An audio conference enables you to talk to multiple people all over the world at the same time via telephone.

An audio conference is also referred to as a teleconference, conference call, phone meeting or voice conference. 


Do I need to book my conference call?

You do not need to book an audio or web/video conferencing service, but you do need to book a professional managed conferencing service. Please contact us to enquire about a professional managed service.

Can my colleague use my conferencing codes?

We don't recommend it, because;

  • two parties cannot conference simultaneously using the same codes.
  • it's a security risk.
  • it can be difficult to track usage and costs effectively.
You can add additional conference groups to your account for no extra charge so that multiple conferences can be held at the same time.
I need to schedule an audio conference ASAP. What do I do?

Please contact us and we can set you up immediately with a host code, guest code and list of dial-in numbers.


What equipment do I need to conference?

All you need to conference is a mobile or landline telephone.


I have participants located internationally. Can they join my conference?

Absolutely. Participants can dial in from any country in the world. If your country isn't on our dial-in numbers list, please contact us.

Download dial-in numbers

How can I record my conference and listen to it afterwards?

You can initiate recording during your conference by dialling *2*1 on your telephone keypad. Alternatively, contact us on and we will activate auto record on your account.

You can access your recordings here.

Our secure server stores your recording for 28 days.

How do I get assistance during my audio conference?
If you require in-conference assistance, you can dial *0*0 during business hours to speak to an operator.
How do I mute and unmute all participants?
The host can mute all guests by pressing 250# or unmute them by pressing 200# on their telephone keypad. Individuals can mute and unmute themselves by pressing *6. 
Does my voicemail pick up while I am on a call?
Your phone will function as if you were on any other call.
How do I join a conference that is already in progress?

Simply dial into the conference at any time using your dial-in number and guest code. A tone will sound to tell the others that someone has joined the conference.

 Download dial-in numbers

What if I lose my phone connection during a call?

If you lose your phone connection, just redial the dial-in number and follow the prompts.

Download dial-in numbers

How many participants can there be on the phone?
The conferencing system can accommodate up to 1000 participants in one conference call. 
What information do my participants/guests need to join an audio conference?

Each participant will need;

  • the time and date of your meeting.
  • a dial-in phone number from the list of dial-in numbers.
  • their guest access code.

Download dial-in numbers

How do I call into conference using my mobile phone when I'm overseas?

First of all, make sure you have international roaming enabled on your mobile phone.

When using international roaming, join the conference by dialling:+65 3158 6107

Web Conferencing

What does CCI offer in terms of web conferencing?

Our web platform Infoshare allows you to easily host webinars, share screens, meet face-to-face and remotely access other computers to give support.

Your guests do not need to download any additional software or plugins when accessing non-interactive meetings. All they need to use is their favourite web browser.

Professional Managed Services

What is a professional managed service?

Professional managed services will save you time and alleviate the stress associated with planning and hosting complex audio conferences and large-scale event calls. A dedicated account manager can;

  • dial out to your guests individually and connect them into conference.
  • answer your guests with a customised greeting and connect them into conference.
  • facilitate a Q&A session leaving you free to focus on your meeting agenda.


What type of conferences can be professionally managed?

Professional managed services can help you successfully hold meetings of any size, at any time of the day or night. We specialise in the following types of meetings;

Large-scale conferences 
Our event call coordinators manage the logistics of your large-scale, complex conference call end-to-end. Hosts have access to support before, during and after the event to ensure seamless execution.

Guest connections
Our operators will call out to your guests individually and connect them into conference. No codes, PINs or dial-in numbers needed.

Call Security

How can I prevent unwanted participants from entering the conference?

There are a number of ways to prevent unwanted participants;

  • keep your access codes secure.
  • request new access codes when staff leave.
  • only issue conference start times and dates to those participants you want in attendance.
  • once guests have entered the conference, the host can lock and unlock the conference by pressing *7
  • the host can hear how many parties have joined by pressing *0*6*6 and can return to the conference by pressing *9.
  • you can book a professional managed service so that only the participants on the list you provide are connected to the call.
What is encryption and how does it work?

Encryption is the process of encoding a message or information in such a way that only authorised parties can access it.

CCI provides encryption security for both audio and web/video conferencing services.

Most audio devices support voice encryption. If you have a traditional landline, please check to see if your device supports it.