24/7 Support

All our products and services are covered by 24/7 on-demand human-to-human phone support. You can be conferencing within half an hour of making contact with us. We can help you plan and customise your conferencing to your requirements.

We're available to assist even when your conference is in progress. We can join additional guests into your conference at a moment's notice, or manage your entire call end to end.

Audio Conferencing

Meet anytime, anywhere using landline or mobile phones. Save time and money by reducing the need to travel to and from meetings. There are no limits or restrictions on how many people you can conference with, and all you need is a landline or mobile phone! You do not require investment in capital expenditure, or need to worry about operating or maintaining your own expensive telecommunications equipment.

Audio conferencing is a breeze to use - there are only two steps required to host or join a meeting. We provide dedicated phone lines, ensuring crystal-clear audio quality that is stable and reliable. We offer an ever-expanding range of international toll free and capital city dial-in numbers.

Audio conferences couldn't be easier with our high-quality service. Your business will save time and money and improve productivity.

Web Conferencing

A web conference is an online meeting between two or more participants in different locations using online conferencing technology. This enables them to share screens, work on documents together in real time and even see each other with the use of webcams.

Our platform allows you to collaborate visually from anywhere in the world. You can host your own webinars, hold interactive conferences and meet face-to-face with live video.

Enhance your web conference with chat and annotation features, or gather real-time feedback with a Q&A or polling session.

Professional Managed Services

Do you have an important conference that must start on time with everybody in attendance? We can ensure all your participants are connected by having our professional operators join everyone in for you.

Do you need to conduct talent interviews with print or broadcast media? We'll make sure your interviews run to schedule and we are always discreet with celebrity details.

Do you need to run a large-scale event call? Our event call specialists will work with you to deliver flawless end-to-end events at any time of the day or night.